General Questions
Greener Act is the only digital platform which allows Travellers and Businesses to connect and forge a relationship in defence of the sustainable development goals of the United Nations in order to improve the livelihood of local communities and protect the natural environment.
From Travellers to local businesses wanting to showcase their products and experiences. From Hotels and local restaurants to official institutions who wish to organise socially responsible events. From travel services to NGO’s who wish to defend causes and conservation projects.
Greener Act is available to download on iOS and Android and if you wish to register your organisation, please do to and select Register Now and follow the registration steps.
Greener Places are businesses that respect the basic philosophy of Greener Act: the defence of sustainable development in order to improve the livelihood of local communities and protect the natural environment. Here, Travellers will find businesses showcasing their unique products and experiences that will make you feel part of a conscious community that defends the conservation and sustainability of our planet.
Greener Events are created and promoted by Greener Places. These events will always have an ecological theme like: Conservation, Education, Community or Sustainability. Each event will have clear goals to be achieved in alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. Your help to reach these objectives will be necessary!
Greener Causes are created by Greener places. This functionality enables Travellers to financially support and donate towards different causes with the ultimate goal to make the world a Greener place!
By downloading Greener Act, you will be able to see on going and future events or causes at the destination that you are travelling to, which you will be able to help and support. From a beach cleaning or tree planting event to a social cause, such as a turtle conversation Project.
There are 4 different levels which depends on your engagement. The entry level is a Greener Carer, then a Greener Helper, then a Greener Defender and finally the top level is a Greener Activist. The more you help and participate in events and causes, the more you raise your sustainable profile.
Greener Act has a multiplying effect. The more you recommend your friends and businesses, the more it will contribute to raise your sustainable profile. A “Greener Traveller Dashboard”, will show precisely your engagement and where and how you have contributed to community development. You can even challenge your friends and family to improve life in your community. There are no small steps here; every little help counts...
Using Greener Act will allow local business to showcase their good practises and promote their local products to the Traveller while simultaneously engage in socially responsible events, each of them in alignment with the Sustainable Developement Goals of the United Nations.
Greener Dashboards will enable businesses to have access to Travellers engagement, intelligence reporting, destination benchmarking as well as measuring their contribution towards the Sustainable Development goals of the United Nations. To gain access to Dashboards, you will need to upgrade to Silver or to Gold level.
Employees will be identified as working for specific businesses called Greener Places and will be ranked according to their sustainable profile. Employees, known as Travellers, will become the best ambassadors for their own Greener Places, while promoting Greener Events and Greener Causes that are organised by the company he or she are working for. To gain access to Dashboards, you will need to upgrade to Silver or to Gold level.
A Cluster is a group of Greener Places and the creator of the Cluster will receive intelligence reporting from his community Cluster.
Cluster creation is ideal for hotel groups, destination management organisation, associations, certification bodies, etc, who wish to receive intelligence reporting from their own community Cluster.
Creating your own comment cluster will allow you to receive a monthly CSR report (Corporate Social Responsibility) which will compare form one month to the next your positive impact and your engagement within your own cluster. These digital dashboards are shareable on social media and showcase a complete roadmap of your key performances indicators in the sustainable market place . You will need to upgrade to Gold level to create your own cluster.